Self Defense

Three session workshops on various topics: Women’s self-defense, Co-ed self-defense, Going off to College self-defense, Weapons self-defense, & more!

Kung Fu San Soo

Intro Class: three 1/2 hour sessions ($29.95)
Intro Special: three months training ($99)
Regular monthly student fee ($75)


Adults, Teens, Couples – Over 35 years experience as a counselor.

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Bruce Bibee Counseling

Areas of Specialization: Individual (adults/teens), couples, group counseling; PTSD (including rape trauma, combat stress, adult children of dysfunctional families; critical incident debriefing; Spiritual Warriorship Program

Treatment Philosophy: You are the expert on your life, and I’m the expert on what you need to know to make your life work better. This treatment process is collaborative. Since my training is in transpersonal psychology (which builds on the preceding psychologies), the tools available include: Spiritual (mindfulness), Behavioral (CBT), Psycho-dynamic (inner child work), Humanistic (positive psychology, and Chemical Dependency (12-Step treatment options).

Our Address

5610 Silverado Way, Ste. A6,
Anchorage, AK 99518