Bruce Bibee Counseling (BBC) LPC specializes in Stage 2 Recovery. In addiction theory, there are four stages of recovery from addiction: Stage 0 is when the addict is in an active addiction; Stage 1 is when the addict gets clean and sober; Stage 2 is when the addict uncovers what s/he was medicating against; Stage 3 is when the addict begins doing his/her Higher Purpose. Stage 2 recovery is broken into four distinct phases: 1) developing emotional self-responsibility; 2) cancelling the emotional contracts that create codependency; 3) family of origin work; and 4) inner child work. BBC takes recovering people through the journey of Stage 2 recovery and into Stage 3.

Kung Fu San Soo

This southern Chinese martial art is not a sport. Rather it is a combat art designed for self-defense. As such, there is no sparring, nor do we participate in tournaments. We train for the street. Paradoxically, the system was developed in a Buddhist monastery dedicated to Kwan Yin (a bodhisattva of compassion). The Buddhist idea was that when one trains for no-rules combat, then fear is ultimately cancelled and the heart naturally opens in the absence of fear.

We use a belt rank system, and it takes about four years to earn a Black Belt. The training consists of Lessons, Fighting Techniques, and Form (similar to tai chi).

Since not everyone is capable of dedicating years to training, we offer a variety of specialty workshops in practical self-defense. See our schedule above.

Bruce Bibee, MTP LPC

Bruce Bibee is a Master’s level clinician with 30 years experience in trauma recovery, relationship dynamics, Adult Children of Alcoholics recovery, teen issues, and grief counseling. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor who frequently contracts with agencies around the state to provide trauma-informed services and trainings. He has also authored three books that are available on-line.