Spiritual Warrior Program

Fall Schedule
$ 25

  • Per Person

  • 10 session program
  • Covers ‘basic life skills’
  • Meets Wednesdays 6p to 9p
  • Optional: 3 College Credits. HMMS: 280 Prince William Sound Community College
Winter Schedule
$ 25

  • Per person

  • 7 session program
  • tracks the developmental challenges from birth to Enlightenment
Summer Schedule
$ 25

  • Per Person

  • 10 session program

Kung Fu San Soo Center

Regular Student Fee:
$ 75

  • Per month (no contracts)

  • Price covers entire program
  • Tu-Fri 6p to 7p & Sat from 12n to 3p
  • Curriculum includes: Form Training
  • Lessons & Fighting Techniques
Introductory Class:
$ 29.99

  • Three 30 minute sessions
  • Three 1/2 hour lessons with a black belt instructor
  • Includes a basic uniform
Introductory Special:
$ 99
  • Includes three months unlimited training and instruction in the basic techniques necessary to be successful in the regular curriculum.

Self Defense Workshops

Womens Self Defense
$ 75

  • Per Person
  • 15 years old & up
  • meets for three consecutive Saturdays from noon to 2:30 pm
Co-ed Self Defense
$ 75

  • Per person
  • 15 years old and up
  • Includes psycho-education on non-violent conflict resolutions
Off to College Self Defense
$ 75

  • Per Person
  • For college women
  • Includes situational awareness
  • date rape prevention & more

Bruce Bibee Counseling

$ 85 to 150

  • Sliding Scale
  • One-hour individual
  • couples or family session
  • Two-hour group counseling per person

Spiritual Warriorship Program, which is a seven to ten session, two and a half hours per class program: $25/person/session.

Other workshops or trainings are negotiated with BBC

Bruce Bibee Counseling: You pay us and your receipt is used to bill your own insurance company (except Medicare/Medicaid).

Kung Fu San Soo Center: Sessions are held at 5610 Silverado Way, Ste. A6. Our current class schedule is: Tu-F 6p to 7p, and Sat 12n to 3p.

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